Time for a quick learning update 1 my…

Time for a quick learning update!

1) my fat thighs and pencil skirts are no-no together, but I can’t help but love trying to wear them. Awkward, but unavoidable.
2) wooden rats boiled with onion in grandma’s classic style gives you ratatouille soup! interesting.
3) i can consider going to india for a holiday, to live about rice padi fields, risk running over bulls and have vegetarian for every meal. Sounds like a good offer to me.



3 New things I learnt today 1 How…

3 New things I learnt today:
1) How to keep your new year resolutions: make definite ones, track its progress and review its failures
2) Exercise and a good laugh with a friend is the best remedy for loneliness
3) gingerbread is not delicious, just cute :{