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Walking the street

Shopping is tiring!! It is more so one when doesn’t buy anything ):

Maybe it is because the clothes I own are already beautiful enough (: Maybe I don’t need anything else!

I was just digging into my mum’s closet one day when i suddenly realised how wearable her clothes were. Fashion is like a giant wheel that spins round and round, and it has spun back to the 60s. The colors, prints and checks stopped becoming garishly. They are in vogue! the dress below is case in point. Isn’t it much more beautiful than most dresses you see in stores today?



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I don’t feel like shopping at all today! What’s the matter with me. Maybe I am taking the bet I made with Jacq too seriously. (We bet that we could quit shopping for a month, and be winners and have a good brunch to celebrate.)

Holidays were exceptions to the bet, but I don’t know! I just don’t feel like shopping.

I’m thinking of the fantastic buys nette snapped the last time she was in Seoul for exchange, my hands itch for a while, and that it is gone. I am having too happy a time sitting around in my room, and just being by myself!

Maybe it is because it has been eons since I had some quiet time.

Anyway Koreans are such health freaks! Audrey and Kenneth took me out for dinner at a modern-concept Korean restaurant, and Audrey was practically gushing about how everything was so organic: the pumpkin, the vegetables, the mint leaves, the brinjal, even the sesame oil! Can you imagine that! She insists that Korean sesame oil is tens of times more fragrant than Chinese oil. it is TRUE. My god you should taste it! The flavor diffuses throughout you mouth. MMMMMMM. And I love the pumpkin too! Its delicious! And it is so simple: just mashed organic yellow pumpkin with onion and cucumber slices. How cool is that!

But the best thing about Korean food is the meat. They LOVE their meat. See? They even have them cut out in heart shapes (:

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In Chiffon we trust!

I have been in a chiffon craze!!

I bought a chiffon top, a chiffon dress, and a chiffon cake.

Don’t you love the light, fluffy material, the way it rolls around your tongue, melts, like a cloud?

And I love the way chiffon feels like nothing on the skin: so light and airy.


I’m going to enjoy eating my dress and wearing my cake!

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Love every drop

Love every drop of Life!

That’s what I learnt from my birthday letter from Nette. I am a pig for only reading it now. The cake design postcard was lying on my table for the longest time. Cute lil thing!

Instead of counting birthdays,

I count blessings every day!

So I shall start right here. I count my blessing for the beautiful morning (: The sun was burning hot but nevermind, I am glad that photosynthesis is able to take place.

I count my blessings for a sharp knife to eat my butter

croissant with! (Sc and I were at Leyrol’s toy cafe; it is be-ooo-ti-fu!) Most people would get blunt ones from most places on most days.

I count my blessings for Joel being unable to get movie tickets today! Otherwise we would likely fall asleep during the show, no matter how exciting it is.

Most importantly, I am thankful that I didn’t buy shoes from new look, else I would be regretting them by now.

I grudgingly feel blessed that sephora ran out of the naked palette by urban decay. YAH.

Practice makes perfect, so I count my blessings that I will surely get better in time at counting them!

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