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Strange ideas

I am going crazy.

Yesterday, in a fit of nothing-better-to-do, i actually got enticed by an image of a bubbly washing machine, to clean up my mac. There was an ad below the article i was reading that said “Clean up your Mac” with this cute little washing machine below:

I think I started thinking about bubbles, and cleaning things up (I love organising when I am stressed or bored) and I got inspired to hunt down the best programme to treat my Mac. I ended up spending 70bucks on Mackeeper. ARGHH!! I hate myself for being so random sometimes.

So I had a horrible night sleep tossing and turning about that money which could have been an awesome facial care product or a favourite dress. Or it could simply sit in my savings and make up those numbers that make me happy. Boy I think i hardly slept! When I woke up I felt oddly refresh. Perhaps morning chased away all the nighttime virus I am prone to contracting.

Being holed up at home is truly boring. So much so that it turned me into a one-day geek who bought an anti-virus! WTH! Who does that at 12am at night with nothing better to do? Me.

But I just realised that the Mackeeper guy reminds me of Eva (: That makes me feel better.

Did I ever mention that Walle-E could be the sweetest film I’ve ever watched? And Eva is absolutely so spicy and cute that you almost want to pinch her but the thought of getting a laser burn through your stomach kind of stops you from doing that. Plus she is frosty white and plastic; you will probably hurt your thumb from trying too hard.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the crack-up Wall-E. He is five times dirtier and ten times dumber but that’s what makes him cute. Plus he has a good mechanical heart and batteries… and tons of luck. He reminds me of a mini catapillar.. you know those ladders you find in construction sites? And his output is uber cute.. paper cubes!! How random is that?!

But no matter how much I love the film, I don’t think I can stomach a Wall-E Paper Compost Birthday Cake. I found it randomly on Google. oh my god.. fans out there.. would you eat that?


(photo from www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com)


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Click ahead to find out more




FULL-SIZED PUNGFU PANDA for you to colour, scrawl and scribble; how AWESOME is that!!!

You gotta love me;      * :

(Click to view full size)

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The secret is?

The most well-kept secret is one that has no secrets.

I am so addicted to kungfu panda!!! it never fails to crack me up. I mean who can hardly keep a straight face when a movie starts with “legend describes a legendary warrior, who possess legendary skills”- come on!!!

Lighten up already!! (:

Alright. I love every lil detail about the show, the incredulously unruffled oogway (乌龟) is definitely one of my favourites. But master shifu with the gigantic fluffy ears is hard to ignore!!! (I mean, fluffy ears, pleaseee!!) and the famous 5 is easily a hit!

there is something about it that makes me keep wanting more (: even for my daddy, who is a diehard Mandarin-movies-only fan, conceded that Kung Fu Panda was very Asian. Way to go!! The movie nicely encapsulates the essence of Chinese kungfu glamour and humility. It also teaches us the power of ambition and self-belief, though an overdose of confidence is a sure path to self-destruction!

*sigh* what a cosy, unpretentious film! From the noodles to the golden scroll, I’m taking it all in.

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