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Chimera: The Collector’s Show

Chimera is on at SAM now, and I saw it twice! The time spent was well worth it, because some pieces of work were like wine, you appreciate them better over time >>

“Titled Chimera, a deliberately evocative word that references both the mythological hybrid monster and the idea of an illusion, fantasy, or delusion, the exhibition presents contemporary art in all its various and hybrid forms, from painting to sculpture, to new media and interactive multi-media. The works selected eschew conventional spectacle in favour of a reflection on vision and visuality, offering up visually seductive surfaces tinged with undercurrents of anxiety. These artworks remind us of the spectres of our age – questions and issues which continue to haunt us and test our judgement at every turn and corner of our new millennium.”


Truly a gorgeous show (:


This is Venus in Prints. The prints were not tattooed evenly. It was sprinkled on to create a pulsating effect, of Venus emerging and pulling back into the printed canvas behind. Cool!


Now this is really beautiful. Japanese artist Tabaimo recreated a scene by the sea at midnight. A silent and still black surface was broken up by emerging waves, projected on the black surface from above. The sides were plated with mirrors so that the waves stretch across infinity; for a moment I thought I was looking at the endless sea just standing there in that small, black room.

What a feeling!

Because I can’t say it as well, or accurately, as Tabaimo can, here’s the full text:


This below is a simple drawing on Japanese rice paper.

Doesn’t it remind you of a scene in a Manga? I adore the colours on the canvas, and the muted effect on the paper! Take a look at that whirlwind, do you see a werewolf in red shoes?

The confusion so perfect describes the state of our lives at any time.


Look at this piano.. or an absence of one. Does its “haunting hallowness” get to your heart? This is Jo’s favourite piece. This shroud is not held in place by racks. It is super-glued together!!!! ok sounds awfully stupid but you get what I mean, starched stiff.

The real beauty of the work also lies behind its titling. Psychogenic Fugue.


The true sublime music is lost, leaving behind a shadow of its former splendor. That is the music we know today.
Not that I hate the music now.. I am a huge fan of alternative/ pop/ all sorts of junk they produce these days.. but I can’t help feeling she’s right.


I know it is quite cheaters of me to post photos of other exhibitions here too.. but technically they are the same exhibition what! 8Q is a part of SAM, just like Future Proof is an alternative to the Collector’s Show. So the first piece here is Human Condition by Joel Yuen:

Crafted of marble, Joel created a set of three hands and hovered each piece over a fine print of a marble surface. Do you see a shadow cast by the hovering statue? Is that the true shadow? Not really, because he had printed a shadow on the paper as well.


And this room, it just takes your breath away.

I am not talking about the deco, the deco is so down-to-earth that it can absolutely bore you. But you should be there! This room is in monochrome. Everything. And the walls, they are melting in. There is no air, it is so narrow, you feel trapped and stuck. Sucked in to an airless space.

It is the personification of a mental block 🙂 I can’t describe the constriction I felt in my lungs when I first stepped in. And it really helped that the only way to access the room was via a narrow windy corridor absolutely papered by waste paper.

I am serious!


You know what, I really can’t keep going on about the show. There are just so many good words, so many rich experiences to share, that I can’t do it all. I just can’t! So below are just some random photos of the show, fantastic as they are, they don’t even come close to the real experience!


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Going places with good music

Music of the season!

Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks

Ed Sheeran – Lego House

The Kooks – Naive

Muse – Starlight

陶喆 – 普通朋友

Florence and the Machine – Shake it Out

Gavin DeGraw – I don’t wanna be

Martin Solveig – Hello

Michael Henry & Justin Robinett – What the Hell

Ok to be fair, there would only be 9 songs on the billboard. Of all the tunes popping up in my mind these are definitely the favourites.

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A strange feeling we have met before.

I was standing at the junction listlessly  fiddling my phone when I noticed a strange, broad hand waving in my face. Not thinking anything at all I looked up and saw – Dass! He was back from London!

I know it is very strange, but I couldn’t say how glad I was to see him. Of course I didn’t know that feeling inside me was gladness at first. I said a surprised “hey!” and started removing my ear piece, and rolling them together neatly. I looked at him and asked him where did he come from, while he asked me if I just got off the train at the same time. The best way to start a conversation was by asking mundane questions.

He had small, bleary eyes, and I could tell he needed sleep badly, or is it is old problem coming back again? I felt like his caretaker thinking about such everyday things! He replied that he just got off the bus, and that he was at the learning centre. I asked him when did he arrive in Singapore, he said on the First, and yes he brought his wife and daughter back home as well. I asked about his house in London, and his place in Khatib, if it was empty. A friend stays there now, he said.

The green man flashed, and we started crossing the road. I said he looked thinner, which pleased him and he asked skeptically if it was true. Ok not tremendously thinner like I envisioned when Patty said so, but yes slightly slimmer. (OK but he was actually much slimmer when he first joined, ha!) He said he took a nap on the bus, and was still trying to adjust to local time. I asked if he took a longer nap during the lesson. He said he was at the verge of giving up towards the end of the class, and that others who just came back from the US didn’t fare any better.

We were standing and talking like that for a while at the corner of the crossing, and I waited for his green man with him. When the green man started walking, I waved goodbye to him, and we said we would see each other in the office again on Friday.

I know it was really stupid, but I couldn’t help smiling to myself as I walked the rest of the way home. Dass is back! Maybe I didn’t realize it but I do miss my boss. My nit-picking-micro-controlling-impatient-silly-laugh-introverted-intelligent boss.

But maybe it is because he has yet answered an important question, therefore seeing him makes me feel glad that some sort of an answer was near?

Whatever, I was glad to see him. Happy actually. Happy that he was doing well, that his family seemed well and good.

It is a strange yet wonderful feeling, to see an old friend face to face, in times unexpected.

What a way to start a week! : D

xoxo, G

P.S. strange things happened. The wind was really huge yesterday morning when I went out for yoga class; it sent the dry, yellow leaves flying in the air. A man on a bicycle moving towards me had a shocked expression on his face when a leaf dropped into his front basket which almost made me laugh. He was such a lucky guy! I have tried so hard on so many occasions to catch falling leaves, they say it is good luck, but I never did. And lo’behold, one lone leaf simply floated into his basket! He is going to have a good year, surely!

P.P.S I remembered that something strange happened today as well, but I can’t remember what. I love remembering whimsical stories, I would tell myself to note that and write it down when I get the chance, but most of the time I didn’t. I hope secretly inside I have stashed these stories in a safe corner, and one day they can come to me again, and I shall review them at leisure.

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Tips for a Boracay Escape 2

TIPS FOR A BORA HOLA – how to holiday in boracay. Strictly for guidance only.

#102 – finding a roof over your head in boracay

There are 2 major beaches in Boracay, Bulabog and White Beach. Bulabog is recommended for kitesurfers only, because the beach is very narrow, there are few good resorts, and it is quite bleak and looks like there are no restaurants :\ It is not all that happening, though kite surfers would beg to differ 🙂 It faces the east though, so you can catch a beautiful sunrise there!

White Beach is where the life is. It is separated into 3 zones, Station 1-3.

Feeling-So-Fly staying: Go pick a hotel in station 1! Much more quiet and exclusive, aaand expensive.

Fun and accessible staying: Go pick a hotel in Station 2. Among those I have seen I love Crystal Sand and Red Coconut. Excellent beachfront location (You are right at the beach baby!) and clean and beautiful.

Budget and fun and friendly staying: Pick Lazy Dog! it is nearer to Bulabog beach, but only a 5min walk from Station 2, and the service is really good. So is the furnishing of this B&B resort! Relaxed yet tasteful. Breakfast is not fantastic though. And it pains to say that in general Boracay coffee is not great coffee. I would just stick with a cafe latte from Starbucks!

how i stayed there

Lazy Dog & Crystal Sand, $80 and $110 per room per night respectively. Breakfast included

Use this website to book for great rates and prompt reservation/ enquiry services: www.myboracayguide.com. When Agoda, Asia Rooms and Hotel Rooms show that there are no rooms available, I managed to get rooms via this website.

I loved Lazy Dog furnishing It is so tasteful and laid-back! The service staff is also very friendly. But they are only operational from 8.30am-7pm, so if you are ch ecking in outside this timing, you will likely have to wait to be served.

I loved Crystal Sand breakfast. They provide nice butter and milk (: Oh don’t even order orange juice for breakfast, because it is no juice but simply orange syrup, and quite yucky! Try their local mango pancake which is really nice when fresh from the pan 🙂 Mangoes in Boracay are out-of-the-world tasty, have it whenever you can!

DO note that toilets in Boracay are always clean and neat and equipped with toilet paper 🙂

DO note that they don’t usually provide toiletries in the resorts. you can get them really cheap at D Mall Budget Mart though, so no worries. There are some familiar brands like pantene there.

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GJB: Girls Jump Boracay/ Short Letter from a Filipina Island

BORACAY, 22DEC — We are waiting in the Kalibo airport for our flight to arrive. It is a long wait, but not so tiresome, because I have pretty memories of our stay in Boracay to play out in my mind for amusement. I just took a picture of everyone eagerly facing the magic gates, anticipating the moment they could burst through them!

Sleepiness overwhelms me; I shall stop writing now.

I am so tired already. We are at the Manila airport waiting for our homebound tiger airways flight. Despite my grouchy sticky dirty state, there are several things I want to be grateful for today:

I want to be grateful for the delicious, full breakfast I had. It is positively one of the best ever 🙂 With runny omelette, crispy toast and quality butter, things couldn’t get better; but then I had fresh milk too! My prayers for fresh milk just a day ago was nicely answered.

I am grateful for the ferry ride to Caticlan Jetty being fast and comfortable. Transition from our hotel to Caticlan was almost seamless. We caught a reasonably-priced trishaw the moment we stepped out of Crystal Sand, and easily got our ferry tickets for Caticlan without queuing, and slipped into the ferry within a matter of seconds! A few minutes later the ferry was nice and full and before we knew it we were already chugging away from Boracay.

Bye bye, island of thousand gorgeous sunsets, and beautiful island hopping and lovely sand and sun. I will always remember you, and the brilliant pictures we took together. There are so many more things to experience there, I wish I will have the chance to go there again with Joel!

I am extremely grateful for the fact that our flight from Kalibo to Manila was only delayed by an hour. When we arrived at Manila we had to take a taxi to the international airport, and once again, I am ever glad that we got a great cab driver to bring us on the quickest and cheapest route to Terminal 1! Phew.

I am especially glad that we arrived at the airport in time, and checked-in alright for our homebound flight. I felt that so many things could go wrong throughout the day; for those things that did, and I am still so glad that we still made it here in one piece.

SINGAPORE, 23DEC — and now I am back at home, it is 3am and I am JUST SO GLAD TO SEE THE SILLY FLOWER PRINTS ON MY SILLY BED. I missed you!!!!

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GJB: Girls Jump Boracay/ 2nd Letter from a Filipina Island

BORACAY, 21DEC — We did horse-back riding! It is the last full day we will spend in Boracay, so we signed ourselves up for som galloping fun in the morning. I am half-sad that we were not canoeing in the jungle, half-sad we were not headed for Ariel Point for cliff jumping, half-sad that we did not zorb down a steep hill into the sea, and half-sad we couldn’t do some last bit of snorkeling ):

But cantering on horses is fun too! We were at fairway banks, and two very beautiful pony awaited us at the lobby entrance. Jo & I couldn’t decide who should choose the horse first, so I did, and I picked the velvety black one, Black Jones. he was a spritely one! He loved cantering on fast pace, and is extremely obedient to every command. it was very easy to guide and lead him, to make him run and to ask him to stop. I’m not sure why but I wasn’t scared at all!

it was a scenic golf course route we took, the beautiful view included the sea, rolling greens and lovely picket fences.

My favourite part was at the private beach in fairways. Black Jones galloped across the beach! I love the feel of the smooth rhythm of his body rising and falling, and I was just flowing along. I loved to touch his smooth and clean fur (: And rub his hair (: and tease his ears (: Juan my guide says that he eats carrots and grass and sleeps a lot every day. Black Jones is only 13 years old! Such a pretty pony. It was a special feeling, connecting to the beast that is so beautiful and yet so strong. It was an experience i didn’t think I would get from my Boracay holiday!

Filipinas in Boracay can sell you anything.


In mornings: “island hopping, ma’am?”

When you are walking along the beach: “shades, ma’am?”

When you are wearing shades: “hat ma’am?”

When you are wearing a hat: “braid hair, ma’am? Massage ma’am? manicure ma’am?”

In the late afternoon: “sunset sailing ma’am?”

Nighttime: “tomorrow island hopping ma’am?”


MY GOODNESS! lols. (:


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GJB: Girls Jump Boracay/ Letters from a Filipina Island

And so would you. Trust me.

19DEC, BORACAY — AMAZING DAY. We started off with a delicious bacon breakfast. I almost didn’t make it out of the room for my forgetfulness. I went in and out of the hotel room like seventeen hundred times to get missed breakfast coupons, misplaced cameras and forgotten meds. Joanne called me “fail” so many times today that I lost count. It is her favourite sarcastic word :\


The day tour was GORGEOUS. We had <font color=pink> JHON RAFT </font> (Note: it is not a misprint) to ourselves for the whole afternoon. The aqua-coloured boat took us from the white beach, to the crystal cove and finally to puka beach. Realised I am a can’t-sit-still monkey, I walked up and down the boat, which was really cool, cos the view is so different and awesome, and it makes you feel like Capt’n Sparrow! My favourite thing to do was to sit at the front deck with my legs hanging loose, and my toes skimming the waters! 🙂


The crystal cove was <font color=azure>cool.</font> We explored cavernous crystal caves that faced the sea so that gushes of waves slapped hard against the rock walls. The roars of the waves were amplified within the cove. We took some really awesome photos there!


One of the caves had tunnels we could climb. We kept our heads low while we clamored into the narrow tunnel. I felt slightly claustrophobic thinking about the spiders and many-legged sea creatures hiding in the darkness. I thought about being trapped here and dying slowly as I ran out of air. Scary!

By the way the crystal cove is a lone island in the middle of the sea, and it has an amazing view. There were so many scenic spots were we took pretty shots, but no matter what nothing came close to what the eyes could see. It was vast seas stretched out to the left and to the right with no end.

For the first time i snorkeled. First lesson learnt: corals were painful to step on! I hurt my feet, and Jo too, but she had it worse, because her big toe was bleeding ): At first both of us were like scaredy cats in our life jackets gingerly lowering ourselves to the water. But when I first put our heads underwater I squealed loudly immediately. There were so many fishes!! Shiny ones, dark ones, colorful ones, dull ones. And the corals! They were beautifully swaying with the current! When Jo dipped her head in she shortly came up and squealed too! We just couldn’t believe our eyes. What looked like a clean, clear but lifeless sea was actually teeming with life! Soon I decided that the life sssjacket was more of an obstruction than anything else, and I removed it and jumped in, eager for more. The fishes are so cute. They are so amazingly slippery and fast! I tried to reach out by hand to touch them but I was slow like a turtle while they skimmed away smoothly at the speed of lightningA to evade my clumsy fingers. i felt like a little baby boy who just started learning how to walk. Swimming was for the fishes! Not man.

But still I had a fun time chasing after the slippery folks. I saw a school of cute grey-blue fishes with the most typical fish-shape swimming in schools, and they looked so leisurely. I saw brain-like corals which swayed stately in the water like an important landmark of some sort. I saw small colorful fishes that shot forward so fast that they looked like a colour-blur. As I am typing this in head I feel mildly dizzy, as if I am on the sea. I think I am too tired.

Anyway we had a really fulfilling day. The tour was really cheap and yet so good, I am so thankful for the excellent experience. It didn’t dampen our spirits a single bit when it started to pour like crazy at night, because we had a great day out, fabulous greek dinner and happy photos to remember our trip with.

I will always treasure this!

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7 Songs Clusterfluff lovers will love (& where to get them)

It is a fact that Clusterfluff is the BESTEST PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM EVER!! I am just so crazy over it.

And like how I love Clusterfluff, there is an amazing sticky love between me and the top 7 hit singles stuck in my head right now.

Listed below in order of explicit preference:

1. Robyn – Dancing on my own

2. The Queen – Under pressure

3. Switchfoot – Your love is a song

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t stop

5. Paolo Nutini – New Shoes

6. Birdie – Skinny Love

7. Robyn – with every heartbeat


Robyn is absolutscrumpilicious! Her Sweden rock makes you want to dance too. Because she is the favouritest here is a photo of her just for fun 😉

And to round it up, the best place to cheek out these music?

Definitely Wala Wala.


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hello panda

Him I hate and love and hate and love many times over. It is my best companion in a cold, comfortless night.

It is my last enemy to defeat in the still afternoon heat. It costs me many lumps of grey matter to resist this fiery red box! My legs keep bringing me to the kitchen, and my fingers would inch closer to it until a moment later, I realised I have already popped a tennis-playing panda into my mouth! Ah look what I’ve done!

I think the prints on his T-shirt is inspirational 🙂 It helps me decide what sport I should pick up next. Sailing? Hockey? Speed biking?

But besides the prints, what I truly adore about him is his heart. his chocolatey-vanilla heart. It is like having a hearty teaspoon of nutella! Yums! And the way the chocolate tip curves gentle out of the cookie simply says yummilicious innocence!

How can you not love? (hate you!)

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