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Chimera: The Collector’s Show

Chimera is on at SAM now, and I saw it twice! The time spent was well worth it, because some pieces of work were like wine, you appreciate them better over time >>

“Titled Chimera, a deliberately evocative word that references both the mythological hybrid monster and the idea of an illusion, fantasy, or delusion, the exhibition presents contemporary art in all its various and hybrid forms, from painting to sculpture, to new media and interactive multi-media. The works selected eschew conventional spectacle in favour of a reflection on vision and visuality, offering up visually seductive surfaces tinged with undercurrents of anxiety. These artworks remind us of the spectres of our age – questions and issues which continue to haunt us and test our judgement at every turn and corner of our new millennium.”


Truly a gorgeous show (:


This is Venus in Prints. The prints were not tattooed evenly. It was sprinkled on to create a pulsating effect, of Venus emerging and pulling back into the printed canvas behind. Cool!


Now this is really beautiful. Japanese artist Tabaimo recreated a scene by the sea at midnight. A silent and still black surface was broken up by emerging waves, projected on the black surface from above. The sides were plated with mirrors so that the waves stretch across infinity; for a moment I thought I was looking at the endless sea just standing there in that small, black room.

What a feeling!

Because I can’t say it as well, or accurately, as Tabaimo can, here’s the full text:


This below is a simple drawing on Japanese rice paper.

Doesn’t it remind you of a scene in a Manga? I adore the colours on the canvas, and the muted effect on the paper! Take a look at that whirlwind, do you see a werewolf in red shoes?

The confusion so perfect describes the state of our lives at any time.


Look at this piano.. or an absence of one. Does its “haunting hallowness” get to your heart? This is Jo’s favourite piece. This shroud is not held in place by racks. It is super-glued together!!!! ok sounds awfully stupid but you get what I mean, starched stiff.

The real beauty of the work also lies behind its titling. Psychogenic Fugue.


The true sublime music is lost, leaving behind a shadow of its former splendor. That is the music we know today.
Not that I hate the music now.. I am a huge fan of alternative/ pop/ all sorts of junk they produce these days.. but I can’t help feeling she’s right.


I know it is quite cheaters of me to post photos of other exhibitions here too.. but technically they are the same exhibition what! 8Q is a part of SAM, just like Future Proof is an alternative to the Collector’s Show. So the first piece here is Human Condition by Joel Yuen:

Crafted of marble, Joel created a set of three hands and hovered each piece over a fine print of a marble surface. Do you see a shadow cast by the hovering statue? Is that the true shadow? Not really, because he had printed a shadow on the paper as well.


And this room, it just takes your breath away.

I am not talking about the deco, the deco is so down-to-earth that it can absolutely bore you. But you should be there! This room is in monochrome. Everything. And the walls, they are melting in. There is no air, it is so narrow, you feel trapped and stuck. Sucked in to an airless space.

It is the personification of a mental block 🙂 I can’t describe the constriction I felt in my lungs when I first stepped in. And it really helped that the only way to access the room was via a narrow windy corridor absolutely papered by waste paper.

I am serious!


You know what, I really can’t keep going on about the show. There are just so many good words, so many rich experiences to share, that I can’t do it all. I just can’t! So below are just some random photos of the show, fantastic as they are, they don’t even come close to the real experience!


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