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The One Compelling Reason to Smile

I promised myself that no matter now tough times get, I will always remember the 15th of November 2011 as a good reason to keep smiling.

15th November is the day I broke free from my shackles. I was trapped in ceramic and metal, a cruel contraption of wires and plastic bits. Yes, this cold prison of steel is actually the Braces. It held me hostage for two years, and deprived me of many life’s enjoyments. For two years I wait impatiently for this day that I break free.

What does breaking free from braces feels like? It is smiling at trees, birds and bushes even when no one is looking. It is biting into a spoonful of Post Great Grains cereal with a smile on your face. It is a lot of smiling, actually, even when you floss at night.

If you are hovering in a limbo now, thinking of to brace or not to brace, I understand you. Two years ago I was in the same position, wondering about the same question. This is the advice the me two-years-later would give you: allow yourself to embrace it.

You can smile about it later!