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Sevenfold goodness

Pleasure is seven times seven multiplied when shared!

dai dai roll

tonkatsu ramen, slurpss


It is DEFINITELY different with the durian cake.

If you have it in your hands right now, you’ve GOT TO¬†hide it. Treasure it. Savour it. Don’t let ANYONE ELSE have it!!!!!

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Cereal boy smiles ;)


This the cereal boy


And his cereal bowl ūüôā

oh boy, cereal!

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Fly away, lil Lamb

Mamma is like a lamb, and today she grew cream-coloured wings. This was the outfit we chose for this hot, hot day.

And boy how I wish I had put in just as much thought into the itinerary as I did for the clothes! I thought it was smart of me to make sure we stayed nice and cool in the shopping centre. My nice plan practically turned inside out.
Like a girl caught wearing a reversed shirt, we ended up topsy turvy dizzy and sizzled in the heat of the situation. Gahh!!
I curse human heat. It was The Sunday and every Tampinesian was at the shopping centres to be seen and heard (I heard them loud and clear, I tell you). It was Crazily Congested on the shopping floors; there were human traffic jams at the crucial bends before and after boarding the escalators.
Altogether it left us with a curious “Sunny” effect – we became hot, bothered and dazed. Now I am damn sure that at Tampines is where the sun never sets.
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Out, damned spot! out, I say!

Shakespeare at the Park

drained our brains, but it was still fun! Lesson learnt: a picnic is not a picnic without the yummilicious orange moscato.

Yum yum orange mascato!

White tents

smokes and bangs during Macbeth

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