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A strange feeling we have met before.

I was standing at the junction listlessly  fiddling my phone when I noticed a strange, broad hand waving in my face. Not thinking anything at all I looked up and saw – Dass! He was back from London!

I know it is very strange, but I couldn’t say how glad I was to see him. Of course I didn’t know that feeling inside me was gladness at first. I said a surprised “hey!” and started removing my ear piece, and rolling them together neatly. I looked at him and asked him where did he come from, while he asked me if I just got off the train at the same time. The best way to start a conversation was by asking mundane questions.

He had small, bleary eyes, and I could tell he needed sleep badly, or is it is old problem coming back again? I felt like his caretaker thinking about such everyday things! He replied that he just got off the bus, and that he was at the learning centre. I asked him when did he arrive in Singapore, he said on the First, and yes he brought his wife and daughter back home as well. I asked about his house in London, and his place in Khatib, if it was empty. A friend stays there now, he said.

The green man flashed, and we started crossing the road. I said he looked thinner, which pleased him and he asked skeptically if it was true. Ok not tremendously thinner like I envisioned when Patty said so, but yes slightly slimmer. (OK but he was actually much slimmer when he first joined, ha!) He said he took a nap on the bus, and was still trying to adjust to local time. I asked if he took a longer nap during the lesson. He said he was at the verge of giving up towards the end of the class, and that others who just came back from the US didn’t fare any better.

We were standing and talking like that for a while at the corner of the crossing, and I waited for his green man with him. When the green man started walking, I waved goodbye to him, and we said we would see each other in the office again on Friday.

I know it was really stupid, but I couldn’t help smiling to myself as I walked the rest of the way home. Dass is back! Maybe I didn’t realize it but I do miss my boss. My nit-picking-micro-controlling-impatient-silly-laugh-introverted-intelligent boss.

But maybe it is because he has yet answered an important question, therefore seeing him makes me feel glad that some sort of an answer was near?

Whatever, I was glad to see him. Happy actually. Happy that he was doing well, that his family seemed well and good.

It is a strange yet wonderful feeling, to see an old friend face to face, in times unexpected.

What a way to start a week! : D

xoxo, G

P.S. strange things happened. The wind was really huge yesterday morning when I went out for yoga class; it sent the dry, yellow leaves flying in the air. A man on a bicycle moving towards me had a shocked expression on his face when a leaf dropped into his front basket which almost made me laugh. He was such a lucky guy! I have tried so hard on so many occasions to catch falling leaves, they say it is good luck, but I never did. And lo’behold, one lone leaf simply floated into his basket! He is going to have a good year, surely!

P.P.S I remembered that something strange happened today as well, but I can’t remember what. I love remembering whimsical stories, I would tell myself to note that and write it down when I get the chance, but most of the time I didn’t. I hope secretly inside I have stashed these stories in a safe corner, and one day they can come to me again, and I shall review them at leisure.

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The Agony of a Patience Wearing Thin

Slippers. It is truly agnosing to wear thing slippers and pad around cold, hard floors, but right now I can easily think of something that is much more agonising.


And not just waiting for anything, but specifically waiting for a


And not just the possibility of anything, but of the important


So I try to be Patience in slippers, and I try not to pace around so much on the cold hard floor.

I shall go about meddling with daily duties that cry for my attention, and I shall not cast my thoughts too far away from the present.

I will stay here and trust that I will get what is mine to get in good time. It is never my time but yours to come, not my will but yours be done.

In the meantime, I’ll get a drink.

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7 Songs Clusterfluff lovers will love (& where to get them)

It is a fact that Clusterfluff is the BESTEST PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM EVER!! I am just so crazy over it.

And like how I love Clusterfluff, there is an amazing sticky love between me and the top 7 hit singles stuck in my head right now.

Listed below in order of explicit preference:

1. Robyn – Dancing on my own

2. The Queen – Under pressure

3. Switchfoot – Your love is a song

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t stop

5. Paolo Nutini – New Shoes

6. Birdie – Skinny Love

7. Robyn – with every heartbeat


Robyn is absolutscrumpilicious! Her Sweden rock makes you want to dance too. Because she is the favouritest here is a photo of her just for fun 😉

And to round it up, the best place to cheek out these music?

Definitely Wala Wala.


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Best cure for homesickness: butter cookies

I watched Something Borrowed halfway again; it is such a meaningful show, particularly because I am such a meek person when it comes to life too! Bah, why am I always so conscious of what others think of me!

To be skinny, to be well-travelled, to like what others like, to know what’s in and what’s out — all these things I do just to fit in.

Can I just be happy being out? Why can’t I tell myself I can’t be in everywhere. Surely, the mark of a unique person is that you are most often out of place? I don’t know. That’s quite an arrogant thought!

Funny things I think about when I am alone in a too-cold hotel room.

Anyway today at KAIST started out like quite a fiasco. No booths, no help, 30mins of pointless waiting. It was the most unprofessional show I have ever put up. It makes my face burn just thinking about it! That afternoon I couldn’t bring myself to speak to the employers all that while we were waiting for nothing.

Well, at least the dinner at night made up a little for the not-so-happy afternoon. We went to a quaint little lodge done up in traditional Korean style, and had a good spread of traditional Korean cuisines. We were served 19 different vegetable side dishes, small pot of soups, and generous pan-fried beef and pork dishes. I thought they looked beautiful, but only tasted alright.

I loved the cosy setting though! Also it felt kind of roy a, to be served by waiters who carried in tables laden with food, and set them before us. What a dining experience!

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I don’t feel like shopping at all today! What’s the matter with me. Maybe I am taking the bet I made with Jacq too seriously. (We bet that we could quit shopping for a month, and be winners and have a good brunch to celebrate.)

Holidays were exceptions to the bet, but I don’t know! I just don’t feel like shopping.

I’m thinking of the fantastic buys nette snapped the last time she was in Seoul for exchange, my hands itch for a while, and that it is gone. I am having too happy a time sitting around in my room, and just being by myself!

Maybe it is because it has been eons since I had some quiet time.

Anyway Koreans are such health freaks! Audrey and Kenneth took me out for dinner at a modern-concept Korean restaurant, and Audrey was practically gushing about how everything was so organic: the pumpkin, the vegetables, the mint leaves, the brinjal, even the sesame oil! Can you imagine that! She insists that Korean sesame oil is tens of times more fragrant than Chinese oil. it is TRUE. My god you should taste it! The flavor diffuses throughout you mouth. MMMMMMM. And I love the pumpkin too! Its delicious! And it is so simple: just mashed organic yellow pumpkin with onion and cucumber slices. How cool is that!

But the best thing about Korean food is the meat. They LOVE their meat. See? They even have them cut out in heart shapes (:

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I realised I am a sucker for doing things that need to be done first.

Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. How do I know?

The moment the bellboy closed my room door behind me, I started undressing and unpacking.

I took out all my business clothes and hung them on the rack. If that was not “missy perfect” enough, I set up the iron and the board and starting ironing them. At 1am Seoul time. When I was all sticky from an entire day of waiting and sitting. When the makeup on my face itched against my skin. When my spectacles kept sliding down my nose because (a) the nose was too oily and (b) the spectacles became oily because the nose was oily.

I cannot help it. I must do the things I have to do, like prepare my clothes, check the timing and reread the event emails, before I can sit down and be happy enough to do things I like to do. I think it is stress. I am not normally like that on holidays.


Welcome to Seoul! The SOUL of South Korea.

1. Before we landed nice and solidly on Incheon grounds I already felt like I was in Korea. Everyone else on the plane was Korean, or at least everyone sitting around me was. I was the only one who ordered a pan-fried fish; my neighbours voted unanimously for kimchi and beef rice. Everyone finished their pack of peanuts. (At first I did not want to, but all the chewing and plastic-crackling sounds were infectious!)

2. Recently I started googling for eye makeup for different eye shapes, and on way to baggage claim I observed that almost everyone standing around me had hooded eyes or asian-type eyes. All the females also sported yellow-based fair skin, and hairless, hairless arms and legs. I was the only fur ball on board that was also milo-coloured.

3. Korean cars are right-hand drives. Did you know my limo was so cool? The seats were very spacious and comfy, and there was not a hint of leather smell, it was such a smooth and comfortable ride, and I felt really at home chatting to STMicro’s R&D manager.

4. My room is small and neat. But, I don’t know, I think my bed looks quite short. It made me wonder if Koreans have short legs. I swear hotel beds were longer than this!

5. Horrors, this 4-star hotel did not provide toothpaste! Don’t get me wrong, I love the hotel. It looks beautiful so far. But why don’t they provide toothpaste?? I had to buy it from the minibar for S$5.


When was the last time you travelled on business? I don’t like to, but I suppose I should be happy that I am lucky enough to be given a chance to experience it.

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