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Chimera: The Collector’s Show

Chimera is on at SAM now, and I saw it twice! The time spent was well worth it, because some pieces of work were like wine, you appreciate them better over time >>

“Titled Chimera, a deliberately evocative word that references both the mythological hybrid monster and the idea of an illusion, fantasy, or delusion, the exhibition presents contemporary art in all its various and hybrid forms, from painting to sculpture, to new media and interactive multi-media. The works selected eschew conventional spectacle in favour of a reflection on vision and visuality, offering up visually seductive surfaces tinged with undercurrents of anxiety. These artworks remind us of the spectres of our age – questions and issues which continue to haunt us and test our judgement at every turn and corner of our new millennium.”


Truly a gorgeous show (:


This is Venus in Prints. The prints were not tattooed evenly. It was sprinkled on to create a pulsating effect, of Venus emerging and pulling back into the printed canvas behind. Cool!


Now this is really beautiful. Japanese artist Tabaimo recreated a scene by the sea at midnight. A silent and still black surface was broken up by emerging waves, projected on the black surface from above. The sides were plated with mirrors so that the waves stretch across infinity; for a moment I thought I was looking at the endless sea just standing there in that small, black room.

What a feeling!

Because I can’t say it as well, or accurately, as Tabaimo can, here’s the full text:


This below is a simple drawing on Japanese rice paper.

Doesn’t it remind you of a scene in a Manga? I adore the colours on the canvas, and the muted effect on the paper! Take a look at that whirlwind, do you see a werewolf in red shoes?

The confusion so perfect describes the state of our lives at any time.


Look at this piano.. or an absence of one. Does its “haunting hallowness” get to your heart? This is Jo’s favourite piece. This shroud is not held in place by racks. It is super-glued together!!!! ok sounds awfully stupid but you get what I mean, starched stiff.

The real beauty of the work also lies behind its titling. Psychogenic Fugue.


The true sublime music is lost, leaving behind a shadow of its former splendor. That is the music we know today.
Not that I hate the music now.. I am a huge fan of alternative/ pop/ all sorts of junk they produce these days.. but I can’t help feeling she’s right.


I know it is quite cheaters of me to post photos of other exhibitions here too.. but technically they are the same exhibition what! 8Q is a part of SAM, just like Future Proof is an alternative to the Collector’s Show. So the first piece here is Human Condition by Joel Yuen:

Crafted of marble, Joel created a set of three hands and hovered each piece over a fine print of a marble surface. Do you see a shadow cast by the hovering statue? Is that the true shadow? Not really, because he had printed a shadow on the paper as well.


And this room, it just takes your breath away.

I am not talking about the deco, the deco is so down-to-earth that it can absolutely bore you. But you should be there! This room is in monochrome. Everything. And the walls, they are melting in. There is no air, it is so narrow, you feel trapped and stuck. Sucked in to an airless space.

It is the personification of a mental block 🙂 I can’t describe the constriction I felt in my lungs when I first stepped in. And it really helped that the only way to access the room was via a narrow windy corridor absolutely papered by waste paper.

I am serious!


You know what, I really can’t keep going on about the show. There are just so many good words, so many rich experiences to share, that I can’t do it all. I just can’t! So below are just some random photos of the show, fantastic as they are, they don’t even come close to the real experience!


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The best way to kill a read

The most effective way to kill a good read is to read it really, really fast. Joel calls that being a “speed freak”.

But it isn’t really my fault, not really. The book is just so, so sad. I had to kill it before it kills me. Sorry Bookie, my life is more real to me than yours. I am so sorry you had to die such an unglamorous death.

Like Joel said, I fulfilled my “freaky nature” by exploding through the book at the top speed. Two-lines-per-second. My eyes were blurry as it skimmed the alphabets, barely registering a verb, an adjective, not even a word, they were all a jumble of alphabets, or closer to nothing, because before I could “see” the letter a I have already skipped forward to n and then it was y and another word that began with t.

Names were my speed bumps, I would pause at the word “Norah” “David” “Paul” (if they happened to register); inverted commas which signaled conversations caught my attention. A truly tiring way to read.

But tell me if you can, that it is not sad, to keep a secret from your beloved wife! Tell me that it is not tragic to see a family fall apart because of one sore mistake!

Tell me that meaningless affairs are not heart-wrenching, and that you do not pity the man who lives a secret life behind his camera lens.

A talented boy who used music as an outlet for anger and leading his life out of defiance. Three persons’ sad memories intermingled into a rivers of bitterness and then an OCEAN of regrets.

The worst: a secret, a wrongful secret,i kept till the very last breath and taken to the deathbed: the injustice of it! And finally when it was all said and done the dust had already settled and there was nothing more to say, or do. The dead is gone and the living try their best to live again, live like they have never seen sadness.

OK, the ending wasn’t that bleak, but it might just have been, you know. Anyhow to me it doesn’t make up for the lost years and the decades of anguish, but really, it just teaches us that life still goes on, heedless of mundane human tragedies. No tragedy is too hard for Life to get over.

So tell me if you had such a book in your hand you would not dash through it, beat down the unhappy, stifling paragraphs and be done with it. It will take some time before i read it again!

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Time for a quick learning update 1 my…

Time for a quick learning update!

1) my fat thighs and pencil skirts are no-no together, but I can’t help but love trying to wear them. Awkward, but unavoidable.
2) wooden rats boiled with onion in grandma’s classic style gives you ratatouille soup! interesting.
3) i can consider going to india for a holiday, to live about rice padi fields, risk running over bulls and have vegetarian for every meal. Sounds like a good offer to me.


3 New things I learnt today 1 How…

3 New things I learnt today:
1) How to keep your new year resolutions: make definite ones, track its progress and review its failures
2) Exercise and a good laugh with a friend is the best remedy for loneliness
3) gingerbread is not delicious, just cute :{


GJB: Girls Jump Boracay/ Short Letter from a Filipina Island

BORACAY, 22DEC — We are waiting in the Kalibo airport for our flight to arrive. It is a long wait, but not so tiresome, because I have pretty memories of our stay in Boracay to play out in my mind for amusement. I just took a picture of everyone eagerly facing the magic gates, anticipating the moment they could burst through them!

Sleepiness overwhelms me; I shall stop writing now.

I am so tired already. We are at the Manila airport waiting for our homebound tiger airways flight. Despite my grouchy sticky dirty state, there are several things I want to be grateful for today:

I want to be grateful for the delicious, full breakfast I had. It is positively one of the best ever 🙂 With runny omelette, crispy toast and quality butter, things couldn’t get better; but then I had fresh milk too! My prayers for fresh milk just a day ago was nicely answered.

I am grateful for the ferry ride to Caticlan Jetty being fast and comfortable. Transition from our hotel to Caticlan was almost seamless. We caught a reasonably-priced trishaw the moment we stepped out of Crystal Sand, and easily got our ferry tickets for Caticlan without queuing, and slipped into the ferry within a matter of seconds! A few minutes later the ferry was nice and full and before we knew it we were already chugging away from Boracay.

Bye bye, island of thousand gorgeous sunsets, and beautiful island hopping and lovely sand and sun. I will always remember you, and the brilliant pictures we took together. There are so many more things to experience there, I wish I will have the chance to go there again with Joel!

I am extremely grateful for the fact that our flight from Kalibo to Manila was only delayed by an hour. When we arrived at Manila we had to take a taxi to the international airport, and once again, I am ever glad that we got a great cab driver to bring us on the quickest and cheapest route to Terminal 1! Phew.

I am especially glad that we arrived at the airport in time, and checked-in alright for our homebound flight. I felt that so many things could go wrong throughout the day; for those things that did, and I am still so glad that we still made it here in one piece.

SINGAPORE, 23DEC — and now I am back at home, it is 3am and I am JUST SO GLAD TO SEE THE SILLY FLOWER PRINTS ON MY SILLY BED. I missed you!!!!

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Delectable quotes from Oscar Wilde

I am completely thrilled by my discovery of the delightfulness of oscar wilde quotes!

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”

“Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.”

“It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”

“Thirty-five is a very attractive age. London society is full of women of the very highest birth who have, of their own free choice, remained thirty-five for years.”

“Anyone can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friend’s success.”

“A poet can survive anything but a misprint.”

“How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.”

And truly,

“Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.”


And it all fell down (The Rain)

Mum and I went to the zoo on Saturday!

For a good reason: to be the social escorts for royalty on wheels 🙂 We felt honored that our presence was required!

I had registered my name with a sweet Rosa, when later she informed all interested attendees that the escorts out-numbered the guests by three is to two. I was going to withdraw my name when Rosa assured as that the number was just right. Later on when Rosa notified us of two dropouts, I even embolden myself to sign my mum up for the event as well!

Too true that it 3:2 was just nice! You may think that wheeling a bunch of GOHs around the zoo is an easy feat. After all the invention of wheels did make so many things much easier. But not easy enough. I never noticed just how windy roads in the zoo can get! The steep slope up to the white tiger enclosure almost make the trip not worth it. Did I mention that the tigers, two of them, were sprawled out lazily in the sun with their grey-streaked back turned towards us? What luck, right?

And the narrow, ascending path to the snake den could send me slithering back down. I was really pitching my entire body weight against the metal machine, and pushing ferociously against gravity! Of course I emerged the victor; the happy GOH faintly appreciates the reward of a closer examination of all sorts of rattlesnakes, pythons, cobras and grass whip snakes. I must say the pythons were memorable. The moment I caught sight of that thick, undulating FAT tube on the ground I felt like throwing up. It was resting on the other side of the display glass, of course, but i could sense the immediate danger of being so close to it!! You wouldn’t believe it. It was at least 25cm in diameter. I swear. That is almost the entire length of your long classroom ruler, the plastic ones. Oh my goodness!

It was wound up on the floor, the snake coiling against itself many many times round, lazying, a mass of rust, black, sand yellow and grey patterns. I think I can imagine the Leviathan that was in the garden of Eden, the same creature that induced Eve to eat the fruit of the tree. It was huge, scaly, thick and scary. Just like that python. Can you imagine what it would feel like if it squeezed you? That could rubbery tube choking you tight.


Anyway, there were other cuter creatures too. I hate hippos, they stank too much; I had wheeled the GOH helper skelter out of the way when I caught a whiff of their swampy enclosure. There were Orang Utans, with their long flaming red fur and endlessly long arms! that was pretty cute, but the way they clambered up and down the tree trunks on their fists seems quite monstrous.

I liked this mouse deers, which was really very rabbit-deer-mouse-looking. It is just all things small cute and fluffy smashed together, and you get a mouse deer. It is a lovely down brown, with gentle white almond-shaped spots on its sides. How cute is that?

There was a seal as well during the Splash animal show! Stan the seal! I think I never truly appreciated the flexibility and agility of a seal until I picked up yoga. Balancing that slippery blue ball on the tip of your nose is no mean feat! And the way the seal glides back and forth the stage is as if he is flying! He is a smooth one. I loved the way he slipped in and out of water so easily, he was born a glider. His skin is black, shiny and glossy, yet there is so much power packed beneath that seemingly fatty, cute body! What a graceful creature. I want to be a seal too!

Ok I’m sorry 🙂 My thoughts are a scatter, because there is just so much to say and tell there is nothing much to say and tell at all!



saved by a doc

I was saved by a doc today!

The best medicine is genuine advice, and the best doctor is a good friend (:

my dearest anonymous friend who is friendly even with the Llamas arranged for a swim and dinner together just tonight. My Llama friend is a physician in training who was about to begin her work attachment. She is extremely passionate about her would-be profession, and would stick a needle in almost anything. (You know how the art of acupuncture plays a big part in traditional Chinese medicine). She loves exercising her professional judgment on seemingly mundane subject matters as well (food, lifestyle, appearances, fashion) which it is funny most of the time.

But what really got to me happened today over dinner. She finished first, and was lounging in my seat. With nothing better to do she started to observe me closely.

”You look very tired. Your complexion is ashy,’ she remarked critically. ‘Are you very exhausted?’ I said no I wasn’t, and it was really because I didn’t have my make up on. She insisted that it wasn’t just the make up, and proceeded to investigate the matter (I suspect it was part of her training.):

‘Have you been sleeping late?’ (no.) ‘Is it your make up?’ (I wear very little.) ‘Do you use make up remover?’ (I try.) ‘You know you should? It is really difficult to get rid of make up without a proper remover. And they clog your pores when they are not properly removed. There is quite a lot of acne along the side of your face.’ (That’s right.) ‘You know that is due to perspiration. You should wipe those away.’ (I don’t usually have tissue.) ‘You need tissue. Don’t you wipe your mouth after meals?’ (I always borrow them off my colleagues.) ‘You need some on your own to wipe off your perspiration. You don’t dry your hair well after showers.’ (I like to let them dry naturally.) ‘You should keep your hair and face dry and clean. Water traps dust.’ (Oh.) ‘You know it is alright to be messy if you want to, but hygiene is the most important.’ (Oh.)

I was slightly embarrassed but incredibly amused. I was not angry; in fact I was surprised that Llama friend was so candid! Moreover she honestly wanted me to be well; how sweet is that! How often do you have friends who speak so plainly to you, and who is so genuine about her opinions? I mean because they are constructive, it will only serve make me better! Though it was quite uncomfortable feeling like a specimen in the petri dish.

So now I am properly ashamed, and I promised to dry myself properly and wipe my perspiration off my face, carry more tissue around and use a proper makeup remover. But of course as any self-respecting girl I stood my stand on other matters that were important. She had asked before she left:

‘Anyway do you find your skirt a little short for work?’

(Yes I do and no I don’t care.)

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Magic triangle

These days I keep asking myself: what do i really want? I think a part of being confident is to be sure of what one wants; the other part is to be unaffected by everyone else’s opinions about it, and the last bit is to have the determination to pursue it.

So that’s how famous villains did it. They get so damn confident of their idea of perfection and the way things should be that they suffered no one in the way of realizing their dreams. Sheesh! I want to be that confident too! I’ll make a mental note to double check my goals with a trusted friend before proceeding though. I know you can’t please everybody, but surely someone who loves you will want you to chase dreams that are good for you (:

In my own Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, being confident is at the tip of my triangle. I love and hate naturally confident people; don’t you? You just love the way they are so fresh and energetic and alive to be with, and you hate that they make you feel so groggy and low in comparison.

So how do you shed this old face you put on for a show and cast away your sleepy thoughts?

Get out, sleepyhead! Jump out and wriggle about in the open in your own skin. Little by little, you will be happier becoming naturally you.

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