Tips for a Boracay Escape 2

TIPS FOR A BORA HOLA – how to holiday in boracay. Strictly for guidance only.

#102 – finding a roof over your head in boracay

There are 2 major beaches in Boracay, Bulabog and White Beach. Bulabog is recommended for kitesurfers only, because the beach is very narrow, there are few good resorts, and it is quite bleak and looks like there are no restaurants :\ It is not all that happening, though kite surfers would beg to differ 🙂 It faces the east though, so you can catch a beautiful sunrise there!

White Beach is where the life is. It is separated into 3 zones, Station 1-3.

Feeling-So-Fly staying: Go pick a hotel in station 1! Much more quiet and exclusive, aaand expensive.

Fun and accessible staying: Go pick a hotel in Station 2. Among those I have seen I love Crystal Sand and Red Coconut. Excellent beachfront location (You are right at the beach baby!) and clean and beautiful.

Budget and fun and friendly staying: Pick Lazy Dog! it is nearer to Bulabog beach, but only a 5min walk from Station 2, and the service is really good. So is the furnishing of this B&B resort! Relaxed yet tasteful. Breakfast is not fantastic though. And it pains to say that in general Boracay coffee is not great coffee. I would just stick with a cafe latte from Starbucks!

how i stayed there

Lazy Dog & Crystal Sand, $80 and $110 per room per night respectively. Breakfast included

Use this website to book for great rates and prompt reservation/ enquiry services: When Agoda, Asia Rooms and Hotel Rooms show that there are no rooms available, I managed to get rooms via this website.

I loved Lazy Dog furnishing It is so tasteful and laid-back! The service staff is also very friendly. But they are only operational from 8.30am-7pm, so if you are ch ecking in outside this timing, you will likely have to wait to be served.

I loved Crystal Sand breakfast. They provide nice butter and milk (: Oh don’t even order orange juice for breakfast, because it is no juice but simply orange syrup, and quite yucky! Try their local mango pancake which is really nice when fresh from the pan 🙂 Mangoes in Boracay are out-of-the-world tasty, have it whenever you can!

DO note that toilets in Boracay are always clean and neat and equipped with toilet paper 🙂

DO note that they don’t usually provide toiletries in the resorts. you can get them really cheap at D Mall Budget Mart though, so no worries. There are some familiar brands like pantene there.

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