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Facebook #101 A Useful Word For Commenting On…

Facebook #101: A Useful Word For Commenting On Photos

Backgenic (adj); describing a subject of a photo being good-looking or pleasing to the eye from the back.


7 Songs Clusterfluff lovers will love (& where to get them)

It is a fact that Clusterfluff is the BESTEST PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM EVER!! I am just so crazy over it.

And like how I love Clusterfluff, there is an amazing sticky love between me and the top 7 hit singles stuck in my head right now.

Listed below in order of explicit preference:

1. Robyn – Dancing on my own

2. The Queen – Under pressure

3. Switchfoot – Your love is a song

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t stop

5. Paolo Nutini – New Shoes

6. Birdie – Skinny Love

7. Robyn – with every heartbeat


Robyn is absolutscrumpilicious! Her Sweden rock makes you want to dance too. Because she is the favouritest here is a photo of her just for fun 😉

And to round it up, the best place to cheek out these music?

Definitely Wala Wala.


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The One Compelling Reason to Smile

I promised myself that no matter now tough times get, I will always remember the 15th of November 2011 as a good reason to keep smiling.

15th November is the day I broke free from my shackles. I was trapped in ceramic and metal, a cruel contraption of wires and plastic bits. Yes, this cold prison of steel is actually the Braces. It held me hostage for two years, and deprived me of many life’s enjoyments. For two years I wait impatiently for this day that I break free.

What does breaking free from braces feels like? It is smiling at trees, birds and bushes even when no one is looking. It is biting into a spoonful of Post Great Grains cereal with a smile on your face. It is a lot of smiling, actually, even when you floss at night.

If you are hovering in a limbo now, thinking of to brace or not to brace, I understand you. Two years ago I was in the same position, wondering about the same question. This is the advice the me two-years-later would give you: allow yourself to embrace it.

You can smile about it later!


And it all fell down (The Rain)

Mum and I went to the zoo on Saturday!

For a good reason: to be the social escorts for royalty on wheels 🙂 We felt honored that our presence was required!

I had registered my name with a sweet Rosa, when later she informed all interested attendees that the escorts out-numbered the guests by three is to two. I was going to withdraw my name when Rosa assured as that the number was just right. Later on when Rosa notified us of two dropouts, I even embolden myself to sign my mum up for the event as well!

Too true that it 3:2 was just nice! You may think that wheeling a bunch of GOHs around the zoo is an easy feat. After all the invention of wheels did make so many things much easier. But not easy enough. I never noticed just how windy roads in the zoo can get! The steep slope up to the white tiger enclosure almost make the trip not worth it. Did I mention that the tigers, two of them, were sprawled out lazily in the sun with their grey-streaked back turned towards us? What luck, right?

And the narrow, ascending path to the snake den could send me slithering back down. I was really pitching my entire body weight against the metal machine, and pushing ferociously against gravity! Of course I emerged the victor; the happy GOH faintly appreciates the reward of a closer examination of all sorts of rattlesnakes, pythons, cobras and grass whip snakes. I must say the pythons were memorable. The moment I caught sight of that thick, undulating FAT tube on the ground I felt like throwing up. It was resting on the other side of the display glass, of course, but i could sense the immediate danger of being so close to it!! You wouldn’t believe it. It was at least 25cm in diameter. I swear. That is almost the entire length of your long classroom ruler, the plastic ones. Oh my goodness!

It was wound up on the floor, the snake coiling against itself many many times round, lazying, a mass of rust, black, sand yellow and grey patterns. I think I can imagine the Leviathan that was in the garden of Eden, the same creature that induced Eve to eat the fruit of the tree. It was huge, scaly, thick and scary. Just like that python. Can you imagine what it would feel like if it squeezed you? That could rubbery tube choking you tight.


Anyway, there were other cuter creatures too. I hate hippos, they stank too much; I had wheeled the GOH helper skelter out of the way when I caught a whiff of their swampy enclosure. There were Orang Utans, with their long flaming red fur and endlessly long arms! that was pretty cute, but the way they clambered up and down the tree trunks on their fists seems quite monstrous.

I liked this mouse deers, which was really very rabbit-deer-mouse-looking. It is just all things small cute and fluffy smashed together, and you get a mouse deer. It is a lovely down brown, with gentle white almond-shaped spots on its sides. How cute is that?

There was a seal as well during the Splash animal show! Stan the seal! I think I never truly appreciated the flexibility and agility of a seal until I picked up yoga. Balancing that slippery blue ball on the tip of your nose is no mean feat! And the way the seal glides back and forth the stage is as if he is flying! He is a smooth one. I loved the way he slipped in and out of water so easily, he was born a glider. His skin is black, shiny and glossy, yet there is so much power packed beneath that seemingly fatty, cute body! What a graceful creature. I want to be a seal too!

Ok I’m sorry 🙂 My thoughts are a scatter, because there is just so much to say and tell there is nothing much to say and tell at all!



hello panda

Him I hate and love and hate and love many times over. It is my best companion in a cold, comfortless night.

It is my last enemy to defeat in the still afternoon heat. It costs me many lumps of grey matter to resist this fiery red box! My legs keep bringing me to the kitchen, and my fingers would inch closer to it until a moment later, I realised I have already popped a tennis-playing panda into my mouth! Ah look what I’ve done!

I think the prints on his T-shirt is inspirational 🙂 It helps me decide what sport I should pick up next. Sailing? Hockey? Speed biking?

But besides the prints, what I truly adore about him is his heart. his chocolatey-vanilla heart. It is like having a hearty teaspoon of nutella! Yums! And the way the chocolate tip curves gentle out of the cookie simply says yummilicious innocence!

How can you not love? (hate you!)

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Not your way

I never knew how to deal with things that don’t go your way. In the process of getting better I create many casualties, the biggest being myself.