Strange ideas

I am going crazy.

Yesterday, in a fit of nothing-better-to-do, i actually got enticed by an image of a bubbly washing machine, to clean up my mac. There was an ad below the article i was reading that said “Clean up your Mac” with this cute little washing machine below:

I think I started thinking about bubbles, and cleaning things up (I love organising when I am stressed or bored) and I got inspired to hunt down the best programme to treat my Mac. I ended up spending 70bucks on Mackeeper. ARGHH!! I hate myself for being so random sometimes.

So I had a horrible night sleep tossing and turning about that money which could have been an awesome facial care product or a favourite dress. Or it could simply sit in my savings and make up those numbers that make me happy. Boy I think i hardly slept! When I woke up I felt oddly refresh. Perhaps morning chased away all the nighttime virus I am prone to contracting.

Being holed up at home is truly boring. So much so that it turned me into a one-day geek who bought an anti-virus! WTH! Who does that at 12am at night with nothing better to do? Me.

But I just realised that the Mackeeper guy reminds me of Eva (: That makes me feel better.

Did I ever mention that Walle-E could be the sweetest film I’ve ever watched? And Eva is absolutely so spicy and cute that you almost want to pinch her but the thought of getting a laser burn through your stomach kind of stops you from doing that. Plus she is frosty white and plastic; you will probably hurt your thumb from trying too hard.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the crack-up Wall-E. He is five times dirtier and ten times dumber but that’s what makes him cute. Plus he has a good mechanical heart and batteries… and tons of luck. He reminds me of a mini catapillar.. you know those ladders you find in construction sites? And his output is uber cute.. paper cubes!! How random is that?!

But no matter how much I love the film, I don’t think I can stomach a Wall-E Paper Compost Birthday Cake. I found it randomly on Google. oh my god.. fans out there.. would you eat that?


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2 thoughts on “Strange ideas

  1. Joel Yuen says:

    I certainly can’t bear to eat Wall E;(

  2. G says:

    bb, i thought it looked too much like a pile of… shit.. to eat. but yes wall-e is cute and shouldn’t be devoured (:

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