Walking the street

Shopping is tiring!! It is more so one when doesn’t buy anything ):

Maybe it is because the clothes I own are already beautiful enough (: Maybe I don’t need anything else!

I was just digging into my mum’s closet one day when i suddenly realised how wearable her clothes were. Fashion is like a giant wheel that spins round and round, and it has spun back to the 60s. The colors, prints and checks stopped becoming garishly. They are in vogue! the dress below is case in point. Isn’t it much more beautiful than most dresses you see in stores today?



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2 thoughts on “Walking the street

  1. Joel Yuen says:

    We agree very much that your mommy has great taste;)

    I also agree that shopping can be very tiring, That’s why all the coffee places in malls never fail to close down.
    All shoppers just need to take a seat and have a small drink..


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