Magic triangle

These days I keep asking myself: what do i really want? I think a part of being confident is to be sure of what one wants; the other part is to be unaffected by everyone else’s opinions about it, and the last bit is to have the determination to pursue it.

So that’s how famous villains did it. They get so damn confident of their idea of perfection and the way things should be that they suffered no one in the way of realizing their dreams. Sheesh! I want to be that confident too! I’ll make a mental note to double check my goals with a trusted friend before proceeding though. I know you can’t please everybody, but surely someone who loves you will want you to chase dreams that are good for you (:

In my own Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, being confident is at the tip of my triangle. I love and hate naturally confident people; don’t you? You just love the way they are so fresh and energetic and alive to be with, and you hate that they make you feel so groggy and low in comparison.

So how do you shed this old face you put on for a show and cast away your sleepy thoughts?

Get out, sleepyhead! Jump out and wriggle about in the open in your own skin. Little by little, you will be happier becoming naturally you.

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One thought on “Magic triangle

  1. Joel Yuen says:

    Awe, but darling, my whole family thinks that you are a bright and confident gal;)
    So, I believe it is all a matter of perception about happiness.

    If we are not all bubbly and seemingly “confident” by general assumptions, we don’t have to be.
    I think we just have learn to be ourselves, and that itself takes confidence…

    I sometimes think the “loud and confident” people only seems so on the surface. It may be a front to cover up their unhappiness, or a lack of faith in God.

    Let us place our faith in God and God will give us the true confidence to live a good life, fighting the good fight.



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