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Strange ideas

I am going crazy.

Yesterday, in a fit of nothing-better-to-do, i actually got enticed by an image of a bubbly washing machine, to clean up my mac. There was an ad below the article i was reading that said “Clean up your Mac” with this cute little washing machine below:

I think I started thinking about bubbles, and cleaning things up (I love organising when I am stressed or bored) and I got inspired to hunt down the best programme to treat my Mac. I ended up spending 70bucks on Mackeeper. ARGHH!! I hate myself for being so random sometimes.

So I had a horrible night sleep tossing and turning about that money which could have been an awesome facial care product or a favourite dress. Or it could simply sit in my savings and make up those numbers that make me happy. Boy I think i hardly slept! When I woke up I felt oddly refresh. Perhaps morning chased away all the nighttime virus I am prone to contracting.

Being holed up at home is truly boring. So much so that it turned me into a one-day geek who bought an anti-virus! WTH! Who does that at 12am at night with nothing better to do? Me.

But I just realised that the Mackeeper guy reminds me of Eva (: That makes me feel better.

Did I ever mention that Walle-E could be the sweetest film I’ve ever watched? And Eva is absolutely so spicy and cute that you almost want to pinch her but the thought of getting a laser burn through your stomach kind of stops you from doing that. Plus she is frosty white and plastic; you will probably hurt your thumb from trying too hard.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the crack-up Wall-E. He is five times dirtier and ten times dumber but that’s what makes him cute. Plus he has a good mechanical heart and batteries… and tons of luck. He reminds me of a mini catapillar.. you know those ladders you find in construction sites? And his output is uber cute.. paper cubes!! How random is that?!

But no matter how much I love the film, I don’t think I can stomach a Wall-E Paper Compost Birthday Cake. I found it randomly on Google. oh my god.. fans out there.. would you eat that?


(photo from


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Deepavali in sanskrit literally means “Row of Lights”. This Festival of Light is celebrated by Hindus as an important day that marks the coming of the new year, the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness. Hindus would wear new clothes, gather with their family and have goodies and sweets together 🙂

and it is a public holiday for me. YAAAY!!! Just to let you know, we are celebrating this festival (and public holiday) together with people in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Trinidad and Mauritius, just to name a few!



saved by a doc

I was saved by a doc today!

The best medicine is genuine advice, and the best doctor is a good friend (:

my dearest anonymous friend who is friendly even with the Llamas arranged for a swim and dinner together just tonight. My Llama friend is a physician in training who was about to begin her work attachment. She is extremely passionate about her would-be profession, and would stick a needle in almost anything. (You know how the art of acupuncture plays a big part in traditional Chinese medicine). She loves exercising her professional judgment on seemingly mundane subject matters as well (food, lifestyle, appearances, fashion) which it is funny most of the time.

But what really got to me happened today over dinner. She finished first, and was lounging in my seat. With nothing better to do she started to observe me closely.

”You look very tired. Your complexion is ashy,’ she remarked critically. ‘Are you very exhausted?’ I said no I wasn’t, and it was really because I didn’t have my make up on. She insisted that it wasn’t just the make up, and proceeded to investigate the matter (I suspect it was part of her training.):

‘Have you been sleeping late?’ (no.) ‘Is it your make up?’ (I wear very little.) ‘Do you use make up remover?’ (I try.) ‘You know you should? It is really difficult to get rid of make up without a proper remover. And they clog your pores when they are not properly removed. There is quite a lot of acne along the side of your face.’ (That’s right.) ‘You know that is due to perspiration. You should wipe those away.’ (I don’t usually have tissue.) ‘You need tissue. Don’t you wipe your mouth after meals?’ (I always borrow them off my colleagues.) ‘You need some on your own to wipe off your perspiration. You don’t dry your hair well after showers.’ (I like to let them dry naturally.) ‘You should keep your hair and face dry and clean. Water traps dust.’ (Oh.) ‘You know it is alright to be messy if you want to, but hygiene is the most important.’ (Oh.)

I was slightly embarrassed but incredibly amused. I was not angry; in fact I was surprised that Llama friend was so candid! Moreover she honestly wanted me to be well; how sweet is that! How often do you have friends who speak so plainly to you, and who is so genuine about her opinions? I mean because they are constructive, it will only serve make me better! Though it was quite uncomfortable feeling like a specimen in the petri dish.

So now I am properly ashamed, and I promised to dry myself properly and wipe my perspiration off my face, carry more tissue around and use a proper makeup remover. But of course as any self-respecting girl I stood my stand on other matters that were important. She had asked before she left:

‘Anyway do you find your skirt a little short for work?’

(Yes I do and no I don’t care.)

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Consider your future

Where should I put my head for the next part of my life? It is time to move on from the dingy office-admin-gov-reporting-stuffy atmosphere to something more free-roaming and challenging! I should not hesitate to crawl out of my little shell from here! *crawls slowly….*

*Leaves the shell…*

“creep to the mouth of the cave..*

the process of getting out of plato’s cave is an excrutiating one, becuase everyone around you will scorn “Why are you moving? Isn’t it a beautiful place? Isn’t it comfortable? Why suffer out there?” They will think that you are crazy and say discouraging stuff to make you gradually believe you are stupid too.

Then just at the moment when the tippy tips of our fingers were about to lift off from our old shell and depart and never come back, we cling on tighter, go back in and retreat. Deeper into the recesses than ever before. “Pull back!” our head screams. Our heart wrings in agony but the head doesn’t hear 😦


oh no!! Please do not let that happen to me. If Daryl can go off to New Zealand to pick cherries, so can I change my job. Compared to uprooting myself to down under to indulge in agricultural bliss, I think changing a job is a safe, sane and valid move on my part. (Though secretly inside I would love to pick cherries too.. I am so inspired by the travel shows on TV and I think I might just buy them off the rack if the series is available!)


Oh my goodness. I need a cheer to boost my ego and lighten my feet. I feel stuck, like my oversized boots are sinking into the murky mud. What a troublesome road life is!


I take that back. Love living, keep calm and have a gin fizz.

Always helps, especially when this one below is simply gorgeous:

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Where’s Wally?

Where are you at?

I am lying on my stomach on my banana-yellow bed; it is just another Thursday for me. Ok maybe this Thursday is slightly special because I skipped work today. (That’s one of my favorite hobbies!!) Yippee!

But really, where are you? I am in the northern part of the island Singapore, and the weather tonight is probably 28 degrees. It is not hot nor too humid for me, but if you may feel choked by the heavy air here. I think it is a perfect night to curl up in a giant t-shirt and do nothing but read and snack on chocolate chip cookies (:

But all I am wondering about now is you, dearest reader. Are you in Singapore too? Is it night time for you? What is the view outside your window like? Do you feel at home?


It is exhilarating to think about another person in another place in the same time and space. The world is so big. There are so many things I have not experienced, and so much that I don’t even know that I don’t know. I think if I just knew another 1% more about the world, it would be so much to see hear taste feel that my senses would most definitely burst into a multicolour explosion.


But please, show me a little more at a time, let me grow. Let me always be curious and hungry about the world.

btw I love Water Wally so much that I am going to include a Wally Colouring Page below because he is just so amazing cute that it is almost disgusting!! AAARGGHH!!

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Walking the street

Shopping is tiring!! It is more so one when doesn’t buy anything ):

Maybe it is because the clothes I own are already beautiful enough (: Maybe I don’t need anything else!

I was just digging into my mum’s closet one day when i suddenly realised how wearable her clothes were. Fashion is like a giant wheel that spins round and round, and it has spun back to the 60s. The colors, prints and checks stopped becoming garishly. They are in vogue! the dress below is case in point. Isn’t it much more beautiful than most dresses you see in stores today?



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Room with a view

(An excerpt from my “Kiehls” diary)

21 August 2011. Happy anni[versary] to to Joel & me!! (: It’s the 21st again!! I am still using the acne cream and it is working so well that it is scary. it showed me all the white heads i didn’t even know i had.

Anyway i was standing at my living room in the dark, sneaking a pineapple tart because i was slightly ashamed of myself, and i looked out of the window and i saw a view. a narrow view constricted by neighbouring flats. a small view of a corner of someone’s life (mine) overlooking a parking lot, another flat and the road just beyond.

But when i turned my head higher, I saw the sky. it was about 12.30am and it was dark, but not quite fully black. I could see the clouds, dark red in colour.

it made me realize how we always looked at our own life from a narrow window. we think that all our misfortunes are so important, our joys are so important, that we are so important.

but we forget that [the] view from our window is just one of the many, many window [views] out there. we are small and powerless. but that isn’t depressing – it is actually so exciting that the world is so beautiful, mysterious and big. it will be a life’s adventure to experience everything.

and most of all, i feel comforted that there is a living God, who sees from all angles from all windows. I know, you think he is ignoring you because he has bigger things to do, but that’s not true. he is already working his magic in our lives.

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A friendly eye

Isn’t it nice when you have a friendly eye watching out for you sometimes?
From the most unexpected places?

Just a kind word, a good deed, or a genuine show of concern… it changes everything!

Woohoo! Today’s friday, the start of my week, officially. WEEKENDS!
Thats when life begins, ya?

Magic triangle

These days I keep asking myself: what do i really want? I think a part of being confident is to be sure of what one wants; the other part is to be unaffected by everyone else’s opinions about it, and the last bit is to have the determination to pursue it.

So that’s how famous villains did it. They get so damn confident of their idea of perfection and the way things should be that they suffered no one in the way of realizing their dreams. Sheesh! I want to be that confident too! I’ll make a mental note to double check my goals with a trusted friend before proceeding though. I know you can’t please everybody, but surely someone who loves you will want you to chase dreams that are good for you (:

In my own Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, being confident is at the tip of my triangle. I love and hate naturally confident people; don’t you? You just love the way they are so fresh and energetic and alive to be with, and you hate that they make you feel so groggy and low in comparison.

So how do you shed this old face you put on for a show and cast away your sleepy thoughts?

Get out, sleepyhead! Jump out and wriggle about in the open in your own skin. Little by little, you will be happier becoming naturally you.

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my throat HURTS

I really hate being sick!

I think the two worst everyday-feeling in the world are feeling SICK and feeling FAT.

and when you are like me now, both SICK and FAT, you just want to get better, you don’t really care if you’re fat. Sometimes you even eat stuff that you shouldn’t just to feel better. HECK! What a stupid cycle.

Dearest me, please stop tormenting yourself!

Get well soon ):


*hugs to me & J*

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