I don’t feel like shopping at all today! What’s the matter with me. Maybe I am taking the bet I made with Jacq too seriously. (We bet that we could quit shopping for a month, and be winners and have a good brunch to celebrate.)

Holidays were exceptions to the bet, but I don’t know! I just don’t feel like shopping.

I’m thinking of the fantastic buys nette snapped the last time she was in Seoul for exchange, my hands itch for a while, and that it is gone. I am having too happy a time sitting around in my room, and just being by myself!

Maybe it is because it has been eons since I had some quiet time.

Anyway Koreans are such health freaks! Audrey and Kenneth took me out for dinner at a modern-concept Korean restaurant, and Audrey was practically gushing about how everything was so organic: the pumpkin, the vegetables, the mint leaves, the brinjal, even the sesame oil! Can you imagine that! She insists that Korean sesame oil is tens of times more fragrant than Chinese oil. it is TRUE. My god you should taste it! The flavor diffuses throughout you mouth. MMMMMMM. And I love the pumpkin too! Its delicious! And it is so simple: just mashed organic yellow pumpkin with onion and cucumber slices. How cool is that!

But the best thing about Korean food is the meat. They LOVE their meat. See? They even have them cut out in heart shapes (:

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One thought on “Seoul{JobKorea}

  1. Joel Yuen says:

    So poor thing.. I can see why u don’t feel like shopping.. Cause u are there alone. When I am alone, I like to do personal things too. Like read and catch a solo movie, something like that. Wow, sesame oil:) The heart shaped meat looks super yummy:)

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