I realised I am a sucker for doing things that need to be done first.

Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. How do I know?

The moment the bellboy closed my room door behind me, I started undressing and unpacking.

I took out all my business clothes and hung them on the rack. If that was not “missy perfect” enough, I set up the iron and the board and starting ironing them. At 1am Seoul time. When I was all sticky from an entire day of waiting and sitting. When the makeup on my face itched against my skin. When my spectacles kept sliding down my nose because (a) the nose was too oily and (b) the spectacles became oily because the nose was oily.

I cannot help it. I must do the things I have to do, like prepare my clothes, check the timing and reread the event emails, before I can sit down and be happy enough to do things I like to do. I think it is stress. I am not normally like that on holidays.


Welcome to Seoul! The SOUL of South Korea.

1. Before we landed nice and solidly on Incheon grounds I already felt like I was in Korea. Everyone else on the plane was Korean, or at least everyone sitting around me was. I was the only one who ordered a pan-fried fish; my neighbours voted unanimously for kimchi and beef rice. Everyone finished their pack of peanuts. (At first I did not want to, but all the chewing and plastic-crackling sounds were infectious!)

2. Recently I started googling for eye makeup for different eye shapes, and on way to baggage claim I observed that almost everyone standing around me had hooded eyes or asian-type eyes. All the females also sported yellow-based fair skin, and hairless, hairless arms and legs. I was the only fur ball on board that was also milo-coloured.

3. Korean cars are right-hand drives. Did you know my limo was so cool? The seats were very spacious and comfy, and there was not a hint of leather smell, it was such a smooth and comfortable ride, and I felt really at home chatting to STMicro’s R&D manager.

4. My room is small and neat. But, I don’t know, I think my bed looks quite short. It made me wonder if Koreans have short legs. I swear hotel beds were longer than this!

5. Horrors, this 4-star hotel did not provide toothpaste! Don’t get me wrong, I love the hotel. It looks beautiful so far. But why don’t they provide toothpaste?? I had to buy it from the minibar for S$5.


When was the last time you travelled on business? I don’t like to, but I suppose I should be happy that I am lucky enough to be given a chance to experience it.

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One thought on “Incheon–>Seoul

  1. qi says:

    Geok u r in Korea!!!!!! Ultimate jealous!

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