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The solitaire mystery

The joker is the only card in the deck that is neither a Spade, a Diamond, a Club nor a Heart. It is not an Ace, Five, Jack or King. The joker is an outsider looking in to the lives of ordinary people, and he marvels the extraordinary fact of being alive.

Why are we shaped this way? Why is the world this way?

How come we can think about our existence?

So what it is like being alive? Are we truly living? Where do we come from? Where does the world come from?

We live by feeding off the earth’s produce. The more we consumed, the more ‘earth-like’ we became. We were much at home, that the world became our habit and we stopped wondering about why everything was the way it was. We also created luxuries from available materials, and we became quickly intoxicated by these things: fashion, culture, power, wealth and glamour. We gulped them down greedily like how children slurped up their favourite fizzy drinks. Today we are eternally occupied by temporal, material things.

The joker is different. The joker saw through the evils of over-consumption. He ‘spits out the lie-juice’ and kept his mind clear. He is the only one who set sights on finding the true meaning of his existence. He had many questions that the ordinary people could not answer. That frustrated and angered the people.

Why are you being such a pest, asking all these questions that don’t matter?

You disturb our lives and our minds, you distract us from things that are truly important.

Why do you bother us so?

When I think about it, I think I my senses have been dulled by ‘earth-juice’ too. The world has become my habit, and I live each day complaining about the slightest things, and chasing after the smallest pleasure. As I grow older my appetite increases, and I need more to satisfy myself. Because I needed so many things to keep myself happy, I am dissatisfied most of the time.

So, the lucky thing about misfortunes is that they shake you up and force you to relook the way you have lived your life.

I recently tripped and fell and lost my way. I had just picked myself up, dusted my hands, and looking around I realised that though I was in a different place, it was not a bad kind of different at all. I start from scratch again rebuilding my priorities. It was like looking through your old cupboard and tossing out things that are bad and irrelevant and repacking the good things.


Are we truly conscious of Being Alive? Asking the right questions about live could be the first step to finding the important things, and by valuing these things we understand the best way to live, and by living well we unlock the secret to true happiness (:

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