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The time now is 6pm

It is really almost 6pm. It should be past 6 already by the time I post this.

According to our employment contracts, this is the time we Knock Off. But over here, in the heart of the business district, we working adults are still tightly welded to our desks. Our eyes are still unwillingly attracted to the flickering pc screen. And this goes on for days, months and years, until one day, we finally get Knocked Out (of Proportions).

Our scales start malfunctioning. We start to measure everything wrongly. We use dollars and cents as units to measure people and activities worth our time. We are impatient with people who walked too slow, or those who took their time at restaurants. We begin to walk unnecessarily fast, and we would snap at people who tried to point out a beautiful shade of green.

What? Yes that’s nice. But what has that got to do with me?

You just want to know what is in it for you.

Oh no! It sounds depressing….. But I think I am like that too, one of the most hot-tempered creature in the world. Is it too late to change?

I don’t think so. We can start appreciating our world again, with the help of a good dose of reminders, and a great deal of slowing down! Maybe we stay in a concerete jungle, for example I am sadly not a mediterrenean breed, but there is often beauty in corners that we missed out because we walked by too fast, or we just didn’t used to care.


Something important to hang on to

We need an anchor in life, so that we will not be swept away by the undercurrents.

What is yours?

I would build mine around my passion for books, reading, philosophy, family, great ol’ friends, and nice nibbles (: Oh and beautiful clothes! (we have to wear something, righttt?)

To top it all, freshly baked bread are the mainstays of a wholesome, delicious and blissful life! Yums Yums!

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I went to see how Joel worked one weekday.

When you’re personally there you can feel all the heat, sweat, MOZZIES. And among all these art Happens.

The artist that made everything possible is in fact a smelly possum, wahahha!

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After so long of 9-5-9-5-9 | coffee sugar additives | cookies carbo sweet candies | keep awake type on | think think think harder | sleep snooze snooze stop ringing SNOOZE | moments of silence, finally time flows… | monday again | what clothes to wear | need new shoes | want new bags | hate my eyebags | stupid zits rid them with cream cream liquids gels | after so long of 9-5-9-5-9 I just long to be N A T U R A L  A G A I N.

Just breathing again, being satisfied and happy again, pursuing my passions and being determined about life again.

I will hope, pray, and try hard, and let it come naturally to me again.

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Jingle Juls!

We jingle into July successfully!!! I am not broke yet! MIRACLES!!

Look look at my latest birthday present: toy charm bracelet (:

I love it for its lucid colours and simplicity (: and it is so fun! It reminds me of playing doll-me-up when we were like 14.

How time flies! A jingle and it is 2011, and now we have just hopped on to the next half of the year.

Halo Juls!