Make New Traditions

Parveen’s sis took this picture on her way to work! Ha! Who are these crazies?!!

Maybe they are trying to start a NEW TRADITION – I have just been reminded of the customary shoe-tossing tradition.

I’m not referring to this. That is just random.

This is throwing away good shoes. This is not encouraged.

I am referring to this: you know, when someone knots the ends of their shoelace together, and toss the shoes to hang it over a powerline or something.

I first got to know of this tradition from watching the movie Big Fish. That was a fantastic show. When McGregor got to the quaint little town, a little blonde girl dashed forward, stole his shoes from his feet, and tossed them up the line! She later explained sweetly that it was a town tradition. In the town, the grass was so soft that shoes were quite unnecessary. And no one worked at all or walked very much. Everyone danced barefooted and made merry in the town square everyday. What a life!

Anyway, after the movie I always thought of shoe-tossing as an act to represent a simple life and a world so sweet and harmless that you don’t need any protection.

Tie the ends of the shoelaces together, and toss onto a line!

But I just googled this tradition out, and wikipedia actually said that shoe-tossing could be a  SINISTER tradition. I almost fell off my chair. Ok not really.

But it is completely  true that my heart skipped a beat, and a loud, hollow “oh-oh” filled my head in that instant. You won’t want to know what traditions it could mean.

So anyone wants to guess the story behind the bra on the wall?


One thought on “Make New Traditions

  1. Jacq says:

    wahhhhh! bra on the wall is madness!
    no idea why they did that?!
    found it on the floor and might as well stick it to the wall?!?!

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