The secret is?

The most well-kept secret is one that has no secrets.

I am so addicted to kungfu panda!!! it never fails to crack me up. I mean who can hardly keep a straight face when a movie starts with “legend describes a legendary warrior, who possess legendary skills”- come on!!!

Lighten up already!! (:

Alright. I love every lil detail about the show, the incredulously unruffled oogway (乌龟) is definitely one of my favourites. But master shifu with the gigantic fluffy ears is hard to ignore!!! (I mean, fluffy ears, pleaseee!!) and the famous 5 is easily a hit!

there is something about it that makes me keep wanting more (: even for my daddy, who is a diehard Mandarin-movies-only fan, conceded that Kung Fu Panda was very Asian. Way to go!! The movie nicely encapsulates the essence of Chinese kungfu glamour and humility. It also teaches us the power of ambition and self-belief, though an overdose of confidence is a sure path to self-destruction!

*sigh* what a cosy, unpretentious film! From the noodles to the golden scroll, I’m taking it all in.

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One thought on “The secret is?

  1. Jacq says:

    SO FUN!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH! ❤
    i remb catching panda one with u!!! it was so so fun!

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