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Remember Me

Let me tell you a true story.

An old woman in her 80s recently fell ill, and was admitted to the hospital. During an examination, she was informed by the doctor that she might have contracted the lung cancer.

At that time she had two choices to make.  She could either go for an examination, find out about her condition, or do nothing at all.

She thought to herself: I am already old and feeble. My time is almost up, undergoing treatment cannot let me live much longer. I doubt I even have the strength to see myself through any intensive therapy.

After careful consideration, she made a brave decision not to pursue further treatment. A few days later she was discharged from the hospital.

As the days waned, so did her strength. But a curious thing happened. Though her physical body became more frail, her spirit grew stronger. Beneath the impassive exterior, she was starting to prepare for her final departure.

Memories of the past she never knew she cherished came to mind. She thought of how she used to cook some favourite home dishes for the family decades ago. She remembered how her husband would accompany her to grill cuttlefish snacks over charcoal fire. With the help of the maid, she did those things again.

The family noticed her strange actions, and it dawned on them that she was dying. Knowing that she loved gardening, they brought her to a flower shop. There she said:

“Pick a flower you like, and I will buy it for you. I do not have the energy to care for it anymore, so you shall do it on my behalf.”

The purple orchid represents her simple wish to be remembered.

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Love every drop

Love every drop of Life!

That’s what I learnt from my birthday letter from Nette. I am a pig for only reading it now. The cake design postcard was lying on my table for the longest time. Cute lil thing!

Instead of counting birthdays,

I count blessings every day!

So I shall start right here. I count my blessing for the beautiful morning (: The sun was burning hot but nevermind, I am glad that photosynthesis is able to take place.

I count my blessings for a sharp knife to eat my butter

croissant with! (Sc and I were at Leyrol’s toy cafe; it is be-ooo-ti-fu!) Most people would get blunt ones from most places on most days.

I count my blessings for Joel being unable to get movie tickets today! Otherwise we would likely fall asleep during the show, no matter how exciting it is.

Most importantly, I am thankful that I didn’t buy shoes from new look, else I would be regretting them by now.

I grudgingly feel blessed that sephora ran out of the naked palette by urban decay. YAH.

Practice makes perfect, so I count my blessings that I will surely get better in time at counting them!

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Not my week

See, my week was NOTHING like this sculpture.


This delicate glass piece was sculpted by a Japanese artist. From his artist statement, I interpret that he was inspired by the philosophical flow of time. Through his work, he also expressed that the present is transient.

If water was time, my week would be a sahara desert one day, and a crazy head-under-water FLOOD on the next.

Time ran out, and time got ahead of me. I have been reaching office at 10.30, because I would sleep at 3am each night. I am panda-ed out!

And if the now is truly transient, please let it go away quickly. If only I could squeeze my eyes shut and wish the week away!

I’m going to sleep now.


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FULL-SIZED PUNGFU PANDA for you to colour, scrawl and scribble; how AWESOME is that!!!

You gotta love me;      * :

(Click to view full size)

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The secret is?

The most well-kept secret is one that has no secrets.

I am so addicted to kungfu panda!!! it never fails to crack me up. I mean who can hardly keep a straight face when a movie starts with “legend describes a legendary warrior, who possess legendary skills”- come on!!!

Lighten up already!! (:

Alright. I love every lil detail about the show, the incredulously unruffled oogway (乌龟) is definitely one of my favourites. But master shifu with the gigantic fluffy ears is hard to ignore!!! (I mean, fluffy ears, pleaseee!!) and the famous 5 is easily a hit!

there is something about it that makes me keep wanting more (: even for my daddy, who is a diehard Mandarin-movies-only fan, conceded that Kung Fu Panda was very Asian. Way to go!! The movie nicely encapsulates the essence of Chinese kungfu glamour and humility. It also teaches us the power of ambition and self-belief, though an overdose of confidence is a sure path to self-destruction!

*sigh* what a cosy, unpretentious film! From the noodles to the golden scroll, I’m taking it all in.

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I thought the title was very apt for the voice lesson we just went for!

It was really really fun! Cam you imagine hollering your lungs (or diaphragm) out for a legitimate cause: to learn how to sing!!

The lesson was pretty cute. We learnt how to finger 6 basic notes, which made my fingers hurt. It was made so easy when we learnt how to grip the guitar neck, position the wrist comfortably, etc.

But the voice lesson was the funnest part of the class! We had to stand up and had to ÄAAAAAAHHH as long as possible to train the length of our breath. Joel and I died halfway, but the other 2 ladies had some super power lungs man! They went on and on very strongly; we were like WOooahh.

I never knew singing could be such science! A brilliant singer had to learn how to project his voice, snatch the right tone and pitch, and control his breathing to hit the right notes! And underneath all the performance must be full of confidence and immersion into the mood of the music in order for it to touch the audience 🙂

Aw how sweet is that! Maybe i’ll never carry a fine tune for all my life, but it is sure impressive to know the hard work behind a beautiful song. I give my respects to all dedicated songbirds out there, keep producing music to feed the souls!

p.s. i KNOW the pictures below are kinda out of the point, but i had a fantastic day and i just wanted to highlight the greatest parts of it 🙂

Unveil the surprise!

Sulky about noodles

Yums to braised meat!

You won't wanna miss the chinatown Chendol snow ice!!

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Sevenfold goodness

Pleasure is seven times seven multiplied when shared!

dai dai roll

tonkatsu ramen, slurpss


It is DEFINITELY different with the durian cake.

If you have it in your hands right now, you’ve GOT TO hide it. Treasure it. Savour it. Don’t let ANYONE ELSE have it!!!!!

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Singapore 3 a.m.

Seen and heard at 3a.m. on Vesak Day: bbq wings starchy oily eggs limp pratas and the sizzles of satay fresh-from-the-grill. Mmmmmm.

Can I offer you a longan toast?

I only just trampled home from st. james. I had the most lucridous experience! For the first time, clubbing involved life performances by aerobics instructors!!!!!!!!

At about 1am, glittery showgirls with spangled bras and fishnet stockings came upstage, and sang and dance to mambo hits. They had accompanying male dancers too, in skinnies and doc martens. Talk about bizarre!!!

But i gotta say that jumping and prancing to the music can be really therapeutic. I think I just had a few days’ dosage of happy drugs in my blood!

And sleep has entered into my bloodstream……..

Cereal boy smiles ;)


This the cereal boy


And his cereal bowl 🙂

oh boy, cereal!

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Fly away, lil Lamb

Mamma is like a lamb, and today she grew cream-coloured wings. This was the outfit we chose for this hot, hot day.

And boy how I wish I had put in just as much thought into the itinerary as I did for the clothes! I thought it was smart of me to make sure we stayed nice and cool in the shopping centre. My nice plan practically turned inside out.
Like a girl caught wearing a reversed shirt, we ended up topsy turvy dizzy and sizzled in the heat of the situation. Gahh!!
I curse human heat. It was The Sunday and every Tampinesian was at the shopping centres to be seen and heard (I heard them loud and clear, I tell you). It was Crazily Congested on the shopping floors; there were human traffic jams at the crucial bends before and after boarding the escalators.
Altogether it left us with a curious “Sunny” effect – we became hot, bothered and dazed. Now I am damn sure that at Tampines is where the sun never sets.
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